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Eight cubes designed by Friedrich Froebel as the first building blocks to be given to a child.

Eight cubes are easy for a child to pull apart and put back together.

A child moves the cubes, puts them on top of each other, and begins to build.

active learning begins with a cube

When a child strives to take things apart, to change their form, but also to reassemble them, eight cubes are the perfect gift. A child discovers that each part is the same shape as the whole.

Each child is intent on discovering inner properties of things and having discovered them, on recreating the whole.

A child plays to construct knowledge about the world and reconstruct experiences.

Buy these eight cubes made in the United States from FAS quality, knot free Michigan and Indiana maple hardwood.

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My first memories of playing with blocks were wooden cubes.

The earliest lessons I learned about balance and foundation came from playing with those wooden cubes, stacking and restacking them in different shapes.

I was taken back to my earliest memories of structure and construction, because of a very special opportunity offered me by these beautiful maple cubes.

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